What we do

Raising funding for growing small and medium businesses is tough at the moment. Banks are hesitant and there remains a funding gap for companies looking for more than 'crowdfunding' levels of investment. At the same time, investors' appetite for tax-efficient yield is undiminished. 

Bedford Row Capital is one of a select group of non-bank lead managers and arrangers of listed debt securities in Europe. Our focus is on helping SMEs to raise finance by issuing bonds. We feel we're filling the gap that has been left by the banks in recent years. We offer a unique and streamlined route to market. In 2016 we listed 15 bonds and in 2017 14 new bonds - helping businesses grow, and creating new opportunities for investors. In 2018, we expanded our reach in to Asia and South America and launched a commercial paper programme and the first european domestic sukuk issuance platform. 



Total issuance

(Ranked in the top 100 Eurobond arrangers globally by Bloomberg)

Source:  Bloomberg LEAG  January 5, 2019


Bonds listed


Average weekly volume

The above are 2016 figures.  For latest information, BEDF < go>.