The Leadership Team

Bedford Row Capital values independent thinking and fostering an inclusive environment driven by a passion for disrupting capital markets with innovation, insight, and integrity. The management team includes experience across all aspects of debt capital markets and financial services, including actuarial, underwriting, insurance (life and non-life), equity capital markets, fund management and conduit programmes. 

Stuart Gordon


More than 50 years experience in financial services. WM Mercer, Chief Investment Office at Close Investments and founder and Chief Executive of Escher UK Asset Management.

Prof. Kevin Haines

Head of Social Policy

More than 20 years as an academic, Head of Department, Director of Research, Strategic

Dr. Scott Levy

Chief Executive Officer

More than 25 years experience in structuring, operations, technology and product development across structured finance, insurance and banking.

Dr. Vladimir Malenko

Business Development Advisor

An ESG and Islamic finance expert with a wealth of experience in fundraising and Shariah compliant finance.

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Our Policies

The following policy documents are used to outline the Bedford Row Capital internal company rules and workplace practices for persons working within and with the company.

Modern Slavery Agreement

The Company has a zero-tolerance position towards slavery and human trafficking in all forms. Modern slavery is wholly incompatible with our ethics and the general standards of integrity expected of all company Employees. As well as working to prevent modern slavery in Company’s business operations and supply chain, the Company takes every opportunity to ensure its partners apply the same standards in their operations as the Company does.

Work-Life Balance Policy

Bedford Row Capital acknowledges that Employees have responsibilities and commitments outside of work. BRC recognises these responsibilities and commitments, so far as is reasonably doable in the context of its operational requirements, to better enable employees to balance their work and home lives.

Gender Policy

Bedford Row Capital promotes the principle and practice that gender equality (including LGBTQ+) is a human right, a fundamental of social justice.

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